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Having your album or single professionally mixed can extremely increase the listenability and awesomeness of your music. I have tons of experience mixing, and with the internet we can work on a song together remotely. Click the icon for more info.


Mastering is a massively important part of the recording process. Most engineers will tell you that it is a good idea to get your song mastered by someone other than the recording engineer. I offer fast and affordable mastering services that will give your songs the finishing touch they need.


From beat creation to song arrangement to remixing, I have been producing music for over 8 years. Producing can vary a lot from artist to artist, so be sure to check out my examples and let me know what you have in mind.


Based out of Denver, Colorado, I offer recording services based out of the beautiful Side 3 Studios. Since we have to be in the same room, this is the only thing I cannot do remotely. Click the Icon for more info.

My featured projects


Don't Take My Word For It

Working with Chris was a great experience for us. Because of our limited budget, we were forced to take as much of a DIY approach as possible. Chris basically became a member of the band and its process, and put in so much more work than a sound engineer or mixing engineer would be expected to. His knowledge of the studio, programs such as ProTools and Logic, and his consistently great attitude helped us move forward as quickly as we possibly could. In addition, he became a big part of the mixing process for our album “Paint”, and his input in that regard gave our music a sound that we did not know we were capable of. We absolutely plan to work with Chris on our next project.

Davis Stone HR People - Vocals/Bass

Mixing with Chris Scott was an absolute pleasure. Our group requires both an electronic and an acoustic mindset to mix and Chris pulled it off flawlessly. Edits were simple to deal with and the final product was exactly what we hoped for. Also very glad Chris was flexible with our budget and the final product we needed. In addition to stereo mixes, we needed stems of the mixed audio and Chris was happy to help with that! Overall a great experience, we will be returning for more work with Chris!

Damon DuPont Vance Romance - Synth/Bass/Programming

Chris is very easy to work with – it was almost as if we became one synchronized music making organism when we were recording the tracks. The final mixes were much more than I was asking for, very professional and laid back. Thank you Chris.

Matt Battle Solo Singer/Songwritter

Chris was incredibly easy to work with and as a producer allowed me the creative freedom to explore ideas and experiment. At the same time he put forth his professional opinion and creative input. If you’re looking to put a polished sound on your work or even just looking for a great engineer who knows his what he’s doing, I would highly recommend him.

Christopher Dodge There is an Exit

Chris has played a huge part in the recent success of our OptycNerd + project. He is an extremely capable musician and songwriter, which makes his production sense on point. That, combined with his keen technical sense for music, makes him an exceptionally well-rounded individual. Watching him mix music is interesting, because it is apparent he just knows how it all fits together. He understands how frequencies and effects interact and he has a firm grasp on concepts of musical composition. With these skills, he is able to create cohesive and tight mixes. His workflow is fast and efficient, and he is proficient in both Pro Tools and Ableton. Chris is super cool and easy to work with. It seems that he always has a direction and focus, but he remains open minded to new ideas and suggestions. I could not be happier with his work thus far, and I would not be where I am without the immense impact he has had on my music.

OptycNerd Hip Hop Artist

Working with Chris is easy and educating. He’s a great engineer over a wide variety of genres. Chris has helped me record piano and vocals a few times in the past year and always keeps the sessions quick and neat. He’s mixed multiple instrumentals for me and really helped amp up my production. I strongly recommend having Chris mix your music.

Leo Cashin Producer


Don't Take Their Word For It

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