Mastering is a very important part of the recording process. As the final step, it is often quickly done. Considering the master is the very final mix that everyone hears, I believe that it is important to find the perfect mastering engineer for your songs. Recorded music has to translate to ever stereo in the world and still sound equally great so let's put some time into mastering.

I have developed a very specific mastering process, and I have a bunch of different monitoring systems to make sure that your master will sound great on the most expensive speakers right down to earbuds.


What I need from you before I master your songs:

  • Unmastered WAV FIles set at -3dB peak
  • Song Order (If there is more than one)
  • Artist's name, Album Name, Genre, Year
  • Anything else you want featured in the songs meta data

Get your songs mastered fast and loud

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