get your tunes sounding pro

As an artist, whenever you record a song, make a beat, or track a verse, the first thing you want to do is show your friends and get feedback. Partially because (as you should be) you are proud of what you made, but also because you have been listening to that song for hours, and getting a fresh ears on a song can help you fix any problems that you are use to by that point.That’s exactly what a mixing engineer can do for you, but with the ability to help fix those problems. Even if you track your music at a professional studio, it can help tremendously to get a second opinion and to listen in a different environment. I believe that I can help make your song sound professional, unique, and I charge a flat fee so we can relax a little more. With your artistic ability, and my experience and knowledge of mixing, I guarantee we can create something great.

Heres How it works:

When you have fully committed to the recording and arrangement of a song, you must export all your tracks in a format where I can import it into Protools. Even if you used Protools for your recording, it it required that you do this. There are very simple ways to do this in every DAW/Program.

Step 1: Create A Rough

Whether or not you did any premixing, it is important that you bounce/render/export a rough mix of what your song sounds like before you send it to me. This way I have something to reference while I am mixing to make sure I am capturing the original feel of the music.

Step 2: Consolidate + Export Tracks

The point of this step is to render all your tracks into audio files that are all the same length. If you recorded at a studio, then just ask the engineer for consolidated stems. If you have access to the session, each program has a very simple way of completing this process. Watch the video tutorials I have created below if you do not know how to complete this process. They will give you a step by step process in which we can smoothly transfer your files with zero hassle on both ends.
By doing this, I will be able to simply drop your files into my program everything will be in its correct location. Be sure you name all your tracks before you bounce!

Step 3: Write me some Notes!

It is always nice to have a README file in which you just write a few quick things about the song or songs. This way I have an idea of your vision. Make sure you include:

  • Tempo/BPM of the song.
  • Any specifics of what you want done. (Effects, cuts, types edits).
  • Music/Artists/Songs that are similar that you would like to sound like.
  • Any file formats that you want the end product to be in.

Step 4: Get me your tracks

If we have a face to face session, then be sure to bring all the tracks and the rough mix in a single folder on a hard drive. If we are working together remotely, be sure to zip the file of all the tracks, rough, and readme, and transfer it to me using the online sharing service we agree on. From here we will be in touch about the rest of the process.

  • Recalls:

    In a perfect world, I could nail down a mix that you love first try. Of course that is not always the case as everyone has a different sound in their head. The better the notes that you give me the better I can understand what you need, but even then there may be some changes that need to be made. Fortunately, I can easily recall your mix and make specific changes that you ask for. Since I charge a flat rate however, I offer 2 free recalls for your mix. Please be as specific as possible when asking for changes and I will be sure to make them very quickly and to your request..


    Cost of mixing is on a case by case bases. Please contact me with more information about your project and we can make it work for your budget.