your music needs to be recorded

... but it's not always easy to find the right place to record. Depending on your budget, instrumentation, and genre, you can get very different results at different studios.

i'll help you find the perfect studio

I have built up a relationship with many different studio's in the Denver area. If you get in touch with me, we can together establish which spot would be right for you. I mainly work out of Side 3 Studios in Denver, but that is not our only option.

pay flat rates for the mix

After we record all your music in the studio, it can be more affordable and beneficial to let me mix the songs using my flat rate fee process. This will give us more time to work on the songs, and can get you a better end result for less.

streamlined process

Working like this is fast. Having someone with a lot of studio experience help you organize and schedule your project like this will get you music to the masses as quickly as possible. Get in touch now to start your next recording.

Finding the right studio to record your music may seem like a very daunting task. So many studio’s have very different prices, equipment, and cater to different genres. Many people will go through a trial and error process when looking for a studio which can be costly, and may give you results that you may not have necessarily expected.

As a freelance recording engineer, I believe that I can aid artists in their decisions of where to record. Also, I have developed a relationship with multiple studios in the Colorado area, and can see the differences in how they cater to different artists needs.

With this flexibility, I can help you not only as an engineer, but also as a project manager. I can budget your time and money, and create a recording schedule and timeline. I have seen many bands go into expensive studios unprepared, and having someone to help you with your recording plan can accelerate the process immensely.

If you are an artists or band looking to recording in the Colorado area. Get in touch with me, and we can talk about the different studios that I work out of. I guarantee you that you will find that tracking with me is fast and organized to help you save time and money for a high quality end product.

Tracking and mixing are two very separate things. Although I charge flat rates for mixing, most studios will charge hourly for tracking. Studio’s rates vary depending on the space so there are many options for your budget. Get in touch with me and we can go over what place is right for your music.

I work out of Side 3 Studios

Side 3 is a beautiful studio that is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. It is a one of a kind studio with an amazing sounding live room and world class gear. This is the studio I recommend everyone in Colorado record at. The rooms are set up to cater towards any genre, and as a band you can track together live. Contact me for booking and more information.