Producing for Singer/Songwriters

I have a lot of experience in the producing world, and one of my favorite things to do is help singer songwriters turn their acoustic song ideas into full productions. (See Examples Below). Having an extensive background as a musician has enabled me to write and produced effectively with others. I like to call it, speaking the language but most people call it music theory. Adding instrumentation to your songs can really take your music to the next level.



Producing Beats

I am also available for beat creation as well. I make a ton of hip hop and pop beats on the side. I use Ableton for most of my beat making, and I have acquired a large list of VST instruments, professional drum and sound samples, and a couple midi controllers that are fun to play with. I am fluent in Protools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro so I can help you with your beats as well. This also makes transferring projects from computer to computer really easy. If you are looking for something specific please let me know, but also check out some of my beats below.

Producing Remixes

Remixing songs for others has been something that carried along from when I was DJing. I have had a couple projects where an artists wanted one of their singles remixed in a specific style. This is a really cool way to get even more people to listen to your original track, and who knows, maybe you'll even like the remix more. (Examples Below)

Interested in having your music produced?

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