I believe in music.

Everyday, I strive to help others create music. Whether that be working as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, producing, or just helping to organize a project timeline. I work as a recording engineer because I know there are truly talented musicians out there who need help with the technical side of music creation. I believe that I can help you or your group achieve goals of creating radio quality music and understanding the music production process.

Common questions that people ask:

1. What is your Background?
I am California born, but Colorado raised. I grew up in the small town of Berthoud, Colorado but currently live in heart of Denver.
2. What experience have you had working with audio?
I am a CU Denver graduate from their Recording Arts and Audio Production field. In this program, I got the opportunity to learn about all aspects of music production, work in professional grade studios with high quality equipment, and get a firm background in musical theory and performance. During school, I worked with many different artist. This gave me the chance to explore mixing, tracking, and producing songs for many people.

Along with school, I started interning and eventually started working at Side 3 Studios downtown Denver. This is where I got my start in real world recording work. Here I learned invaluable recording and mixing techniques, worked with many different genres, and developed an understanding of how to work around people's time and budget.

Finally, the summer I graduated from College, I attended a Mix with the Master's seminar in South France. Here I worked with studio legions Michael Brauer and David Kahne. I picked up a ton of professional techniques, and mixing and producing experience these 2 professionals.
3. What is your specialty in the audio field?
As a freelance engineer, I try to wear a lot of hats, but I personally think my specialty is mixing records. It is by far my favorite part of the process, and it is something I think I have the most experience in. However, I started working with audio as producer, and I still produce artists as often as possible.
4. Why should I get my song mixed by someone else?
Whether you recorded your music at a studio or on your own, I believe it is a good idea to have someone else mix it. By the time you and the engineer that recorded it are finished tracking, you have both heard the song hundreds of times. After tracking, it can be very beneficial to have a fresh set of ears critically listen to the song and making adjustments. Also, I have mixed hundreds of songs, and I have acquired a good amount of equipment that is for mixing in particular. I guarantee you will like what you hear.

If you do some research into the professional audio world, you'll realize that most professional albums are not tracked and mixed by the same person. Sometimes half the album will be mixed by one engineer and half by another. It is a common practice that can seriously increase the dynamics of your music.
5. Do you track or do mastering?
Yes to both! When I do track, I work with the artists to figure out which studio would be right for the genre, and what is affordable for their budget. I do most of my recording out of Side 3 Studios in Denver which is a beautiful studio with a legendary discography.

By no means am I a dedicated mastering engineer as mastering is a very different process from mixing and tracking. It also requires different equipment in some cases. However, I have collected enough to create high quality masters for artists, at affordable prices.
6. Do you produce beats/music?
Absolutely. Producing beats is how I really got started with engineering. I have a background in hip-hop beats, electronic dance music, pop music, and songwriters. I am available for beat creation, but I also have a lot of experience in helping singer songwriters add more instrumentation to their music to make it sound more full and professional.
7. Do you play any instruments?
Although I am a tech nerd at the end of the day, I have played guitar, bass, and drums for most of my life. It has helped me tremendously when working with artists and helping us figure out musical problems together. I have also gone through musical theory and ear training classes during college that have helped me understand progressions, melodies, and harmonies.

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