Hatch the Bird Album Released

Hatch The Bird’s “The Wait” has finally been released and is sounding great!

Very excited that the Hatch The Bird album is finished, and mastered. Loved working on this project. Learned so much and made some great friends. They also played “Spread the Word” fest in Denver for their release date and the place was packed up. Also, the album was mastered by my good friend and killer engineer Tyler Soifer which was an awesome way to end the more than a year long project. Thanks to everyone that helped out including Side 3 Studios, Substructure Studio’s, Scott Piz, Alex Mackenzie-low, Keegan McKenzie , and all the band members, (Ian, Ted, Jamie, Chris, and Eric) and the UCD Core. Check out one of their songs, and also some pictures of the physical album.

Hatch The Bird Facebook


This one came out really great.


Also PRO quality hard copies:DSC00150
Check out those credits… mmmmmmmmm…. DSC00147