That Hot Hot Fire #1: Vacationer

Easily my favorite album of the year comes from the island groove band Vacationer. This is their second full length album that I can’t stop listening to. It is exactly what I needed in my life. Amidst all the bangin’ ass EDM and the indie-rock-gone-indie-pop that is popular these days, Vacationer lands right in the middle of the spectrum for me. It has got the chillest vibes I have heard on any album in a long time, plus they still have EDM sampler effects. Their sample selection is on point, and it sounds like they did some serious Vinyl digging to find it all.

On top of all those this is the voice of the former lead singer from a little band called The Starting Line, Kenny Vasoli. Starting Line was one of my favorite bands when I was like 12 years old, and now Kenny is back still cranking out fucking hits. Jesus this dude won’t go away. Anyway it’s not like I really want them to as Vacationer slips into my number 1 spot.

For all my engineers, I love this album because of the overall tone. They didn’t hype the highs like a lot of modern albums. It feels a little more classic beach boys but then the fattest bass hits you in the chest. The low end is super clean and they usually filter the lows out of the samples which helps a lot. I think the best mix on the album is The Wild Life. Relief was mixed by Chris Tabron at Red Bull Studios who has a great first name, and did an amazing job.

For all you Denver kids that know what’s really good, Vacationer is playing the Marquis Theater on the 21st of October. You can bet your ass I’ll be there so come say what’s up. In the mean time, check out their new video for their single The Wild Life.

Full Album:
Spotify Link: Vacationer