That Hot Hot Fire #2: LP

Yeah, I know. I thought she was a dude at first too.

LP aka Laura Pergolizzi is an incredible musician that I picked up on after I saw her and her band play at EastWest Studio in Hollywood. This chick’s got more soul than most artists I’ve heard come out the woodwork in the last couple year. Also she’s just rockin the fuck out of a uke and it doesn’t even sound like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” I hear thats pretty tough to do.

In all seriousness, this girl has got it all. Incredible voice, deep and impactful lyrics, and great production. Not to mention her live performance caught my attention through all the alcohol killing my focus. Anyway she’s definitely a rising star, and her music rules. Share it amongst your friends. Their single, “Into the Wild” is definitely my favorite cut but the whole album is sick. Check out the vid and here’s some links to hear more.

Spotify: LP