In the Studio with That Damn Sasquatch

Last week I got an awesome opportunity to record That Damn Sasquatch’s newest album. The band had recently relocated from Kansas to join the great bluegrass scene in Colorado. This was the first set of tracks they had laid down while living in the Denver area. All the guys were super talented and very fun to work with.

I got to engineer their session over at Side 3 Studios in the heart of Denver. We flew through 10 songs over the course of 8-9 hours. We tracked upright bass, acoustic guitar, and mandolin all in the main live room, and had banjo and vocals rotating out of the isolation room. This worked out perfectly, and the guys were super well rehearsed.

Overall it was a great session, and I made some great friends as well.

2014-05-24 12.38.59 2014-05-24 12.39.07