In the Studio With: Young the Giant

About a week back, I got the opportunity to 2nd engineer a session with the awesome and very talented band Young the Giant. They came through Denver on a tour with King’s of Leon, and they stopped by Side 3 Studio’s to use their free time to write new music and gather new ideas.

It was a very awesome experience for me and for everyone else involved. It was really cool to see a very successful band’s writing style, and how open they were to trying new things out. Not to mention that all the guys were really cool to chill with. They took a few different approaches to writing new tunes from jamming as a full band while we recorded it, to starting with a single acoustic guitar idea and multi-tracking everything on top of that. You could tell that they were really good friend’s and that they could easily feed off of each others ideas. Really cool.

Not to mention the gear… Which was abundant. The band had all their typical instruments, (Guitar, bass, drums) but they also had a gang of hardware synths that they all would use from time to time. Including the Prophet 12 all the way down to the tiny OP1 pocket synth. It was musician heaven in one room, and engineer heaven in the control room where we were using 24 channels worth of preamps, compressors, and wild shit.

I also heard their show at Red Rocks was great too. I didn’t get the chance to make it out, but next time they come through I definitely will be checking them out. Peep some pics from their sessions.